Our background in economics, power system engineering, statistics and cloud computing meets the needs of the modern, digital utility.

Kalle Thorbjørn Hansen

Kalle is CEO and Co-founder at Utiligize.

Kalle previously worked as Danish Energy’s regulatory and benchmarking expert, simulating thousands of potential models and making recommendations to industry and the state regulator. Kalle is well-versed in the economic theory behind Asset Management and asset economic lifetimes, having built up an invaluable database of regulatory data going back 50 years – and which is still the foundation for utility revenue today.

Kalle is a part-time lecturer at Copenhagen University, from where he holds an MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.

Emil Mahler Larsen

Emil is CTO and Co-founder at Utiligize.

Emil previously worked as Danish Energy’s Statistician, developing new methods to predict and influence electricity consumer behavior at Cloud-scale by applying machine learning to the flood of data coming from new metering infrastructure and smart home devices.

Before coming to Denmark, Emil spent three years working as a journalist for Europe’s oldest computer magazine, Personal Computer World, where he developed strong relationships with the IT world.

Emil has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.

Peter Mahler Larsen

Peter is Chief Scientific Officer at Utiligize.

Before joining Utiligize, Peter was a researcher at MIT, developing simulation tools for material science. Peter is one of the maintainers of the SciPy package for Python, the world’s most widely used and advanced data science software.

Peter has previously worked as a cyber-security developer at Avira in Germany. Avira develops Germany’s most popular antivirus package, and has given Peter the IT-security know-how needed to deliver solutions to utilities.

Peter has a PhD in Computational Physics from the Technical University of Denmark.