Open source lifetime and risk models for electric utilities

The Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM) originated in the UK to support a regulatory structure that minimizes risk, considering the actual condition of assets considering age, loading, as well as measurements like oil chemistry observations.

CNAIM also includes a standardized set of condition questions that cover metal fatigue, rust and signs of leakage to build an accurate estimate of the probability of failure.

We have made it easy for data scientist and regulators to understand and implement CNAIM, with an implementation in R. Read more on

The low-cost approach to risk management

With utilities and regulators can investigate a risk-based approach to asset management without having to purchase expensive, custom solutions.

Built-in fault analysis tools allow the lifetime parameters and input variables to be customized according to new geography and asset types. This allows the CNAIM standard to evolve according to the needs of a quickly changing power system.

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