Maintenance & Planning

Data quality is the foundation of asset management

Improving data quality for both regulatory and analytical purposes is pivotal. It means that utilities must start collecting new data today. Data is the key behind an efficient operation and making the right choices in the long term. Utiligize’s mobile app structures both maintenance, inspections and documentation in an easy-to-use manner, as well as supports time registrations.

Digitalize daily operations with tasks management and user feedback

Our dashboard and mobile app are tightly coupled, so new tasks can be scheduled and new forms can be developed, to quickly get feedback and answers about assets from technicians, project managers or electricians. Our mobile app links directly to your GIS and ERP database, and we build a detailed history for every asset there, so that future maintenance and reinvestment plans can be optimized.

ISO and DS/EN compliant

The module is in conjunction with and supports the work of the DS/EN 13306 and ISO 90001 standard. DS/EN 13306 deals with maintenance and ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 deals with quality management systems (Danish abbreviation: KLS) that ensure that the installations are carried out and serviced correctly in compliance with the law.

Asset Life is developed by Danish grid- and asset management experts and has been adopted to the needs and demands of Danish DSO’s. Asset Life can easily be adapted to other standards according to the user’s wishes, where it is easy to operate terminologies from other standards.

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