Forecast & Investment

Investment decisions that cut costs by 35%

Aging infrastructure and the coming wave of transport and heating electrification will strain budgets and reliability estimates more than ever. New EU directives stipulate utilities shall become more transparent in their decision making, publicising detailed network development plans every other year.

Utiligize offers an automated report generator based on an intelligent solution that optimizes investment, identify and value flexibility according to the local challenges utilities face and will face in the years to come. Our solution allows utilities to exceed stakeholder expectations and make the challenges facing planning departments understandable.

Identify voltage and loading

The user also gets an overview of where in the power grid problems with voltage and overloads occur and will occur, so the user can decide when to intervene. In addition, the user can use the module to identify those customers, who do not comply with their rights to the amps they have purchased. The module supports N-1 calculations.

Balance costs and system reliability

Balancing costs and system reliability is a non-linear problem, becoming ever more complex as new distributed energy resources come online.

Asset Life Forecast & Investment takes optimizes investments and identify flexibility in order to determining the right course of action within budgets. A map-based interface reveals the critical areas and the right decisions to be made, whether it be reinvestment or demand response contracts.

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