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Benchmarking scenarios 2020-2030


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“Understanding the impact of electrification on our HV transformers' life expectancy was a key factor in the upgrade strategy for Banedanmark's train power supply. By using the probability of failure we could determine which transformers needed replacement and which could have their lifetime extended bringing down cost significantly.”

Frederik Binder,

Discipline Lead, Banedanmark

“Utiligize was instrumental in modelling, activating and verifying Demand Response in the EcoGrid 2.0 experiment, where we proved that, even without EVs, DR can move 10% of consumption over several hours.”

Jorgen S. Christensen,

CTO, Danish Energy

“Utiligize's investment forecasts give us clarity on where and when components should be reinvested in, as well as what electrification costs, with and without demand response.”

Erik Kongsgaard Rasmussen,

Head of power, Dinel