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Forecast & Investment

  • Create long-term investment plans that minimize financial risk
  • Decisions that reduce CAPEX by 35%
  • Maintain and improve network reliability
  • Optimize within budget constraints
  • Make and compare future scenarios
  • Integration with GIS and metering databases

Maintenance & Planning

  • Mobile application for registering all asset replacements, repairs, and inspections
  • Insights that reduce OPEX by 25%
  • Resource planning with GANTT overview
  • Easy access to instructions and data manuals
  • Integration with ERP and GIS systems
  • Aligned with DS/IN 13306 and ISO 9001 standards


  • Open-source risk assessment software for regulators and data scientists
  • Algorithms for probability of failure, consequences of failure and risk matrices
  • Weibull analysis on failure statistics
  • Train probability of failure models on new data and create new asset categories
  • Aligned with ISO 55000 standards

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What's New

5 September 2023

User Group Forum 2023

We strive to serve our clients as best possible and on Friday we held our User Group Forum, where discussions were held on the future roadmap of our products: Utiligize Forecast & Investment Utiligize Maintenance & Planning Utiligize Reinvestment Our aim is obviously to always develop our solutions according to current and future market and client needs, so a big thank you to our clients for valuable input and in particular Dinel for hosting as well.

16 August 2023

The Superconducting Revolution: Reshaping the Future of Power Distribution

The material science world was set abuzz this summer with the announcement of a room-temperature superconducting material. Such a material would be the biggest scientific discovery of our generation, resulting in portable MRI scanners, levitating trains and an era of abundant cheap energy facilitated by a low-voltage, lossless DC power system.

15 June 2023

Introducing Misha

Expansion news! Our team is continuously growing bigger and stronger! Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our newest addition, Mikhail Skalyga, who will be our new Power System Expert helping our clients reducing grid loss, identifying flexibility options and improving load flow calculations.

26 May 2023

Utiligize wins 2023 Innovation Prize

Utiligize has won Energy Cluster Denmark’s prize for most innovative project in 2023, as a part of the Flexibility Heat Grid Bornholm project, together with The Technical University of Denmark, Bornholm’s Energi og Forsyning and Neogrid.

28 March 2023

Attending Renewables Norway yearly conference 2023

Kalle, Emil, and Jostein were attending Renewables Norway’s yearly conference 2023, where hot topics such as the security of Norway’s gas pipelines, wind power scepticism, and electricity market design overhauls were discussed.

1 March 2023

Utiligize is going international!

We are thrilled to announce that we are going international! Recently, we have established ourselves in the Norwegian market, where Jostein Andreassen will lead our sales team as the new Country Sales Manager.

28 February 2023

Investments in grids in Norway to double by 2030

Utiligize’s CEO, Kalle Thorbjørn Scharff Hansen, participated in Pareto Securities' 25th annual Power & Renewable Conference in Oslo, which focused on current trends and new developments in the energy sector.

28 January 2023

Verkosto 2023 in Tampere, Finland

Utiligize were dipping their toes in the Finnish waters at the conference Verkosto 2023 trade fair. Utiligize’s CEO, Kalle Thorbjørn Scharff Hansen, gave a speech on how Asset Life can help DSOs plan grid reinforcements based on forecasts on future load.

5 January 2023

Nord Energi Net selects Utiligize to forecast loading with Asset Life

Nord Energi Net chooses Asset Life to optimize investments and make N-1 calculations. It’s with great pleasure that Utiligize can announce, that Nord Energi Net A/S has chosen Asset Life to optimize investments, estimate future loading and adapt N-1 calculations as part of operating the electric distribution grid in the Northern part of Jutland.

30 November 2022

Dinel selects Utiligize to forecast loading with Asset Life

Utiligize is delighted to introduce Dinel A/S as a new customer of Asset Life. Dinel, who operates an electric distribution grid in the Eastern part of Jutland, will be using the Forecast & Investment module to estimate existing and future loading in their low, medium and high voltage grids.

24 November 2022

A 3 minute intro to Asset Life

Electrification of society will be expensive if utilities don’t make smart investment and maintenance decisions. Utiligize provides a forward-looking software tool that forecasts investment and flexibility needs based on scenarios for the growth of DERs in the coming decades.

9 August 2022

CNAIM 2.1 with Danish assets now freely available

In 2021 Ofgem (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, the regulator in Great Britain) released the new updated CNAIM 2.1 version. In short CNAIM is an asset failure risk assessment model following the ISO 55000 standard based on the United Kingdom’s electricity distribution.

4 July 2022

Veksel A/S invests in Asset Life

Veksel A/S who operates the electrical grid of Langeland, has purchased Utiligize’s Asset Life platform, in particular the Forecast & Investment tool to optimize investments to efficiently expand the grid.

16 June 2022

New Team Members

We are very happy to expand our team and are welcoming Daryna Shybaieva, Kenneth Røsland Rosenørn, Sergey Klyapovskiy, Kristian Thy and Jens Knudsen to Utiligize. Daryna or ‘Dasha’ comes with unique experience from Ukraine where she led a team of GIS professionals, IT development- and IT infrastructure teams and is our infrastructure engineer.

18 May 2022

Utiligize chosen for Flexibility Heat Grid pilot

There is great potential in increasing the efficiency of district heating consumption-, distribution- and production by managing district heating users’ consumption more intelligently. Optimized control of district heating units can improve energy efficiency in households and provide better cooling of the return temperature in the district heating system, thus reducing heat loss.

10 May 2022

New investors support Utiligize

Eviny Ventures – a subsidiary of the Norwegian energy company Eviny – plus the privately owned Danish venture fond, 2L Holding, buys equity in Utiligize of close to 2M€, securing an ownership of approximately 11% each.

22 April 2022

Can Denmark's high voltage grid handle a quadrupling of wind and solar?

As electric utilities plan for a tsunami of electric vehicles and heat pumps, and a fresh boom of onshore wind and solar farms, it is interesting to look at the grid’s basic features: value and age.

2 February 2022

OPEX savings with Asset Life

Electric utilities are under enormous pressure to modernise their business practices and support electricifcation of transport, heating and industrial processes. At Utiligize, we optimize daily operations through data-driven decision making and present it to users through an intuitive dashboard and mobile app that provides task management, time registration, document management and a form-building tool.

9 December 2021

TREFOR selects Utiligize’s Asset Life to monitor and predict grid loading

Danish version here (Dansk version her). TREFOR El-net has chosen Utiligize’s software, Asset Life, to provide a complete overview of their current network loading and forecast of future loading considering different green transition scenarios.

18 October 2021

No green transition without controlling losses

At Utiligize, we’ve spent the last couple of years fine-tuning our asset management software to minimise costs for utilities. Losses are a key driver of costs, whether you operate a gas, water, heating or power network.

21 April 2021

New study on the impact of electric vehicles and heat pumps on the grid

The Danish Energy Agency today published our report on how distributed energy resources (DERs) like electric vehicles (EVs), heat pumps and solar panels will impact the distribution grid in Denmark.

23 June 2020

Open Source CNAIM for R

The green transition will require significant investment in utility infrastructure. Many countries have restrictive income caps or fixed tariffs that do not allow for investment to support the electrification of transport, heating and agricultural processes.

6 January 2020

Where, When, and How Much Should We Invest Through the Green Transition

This white paper discusses a data-driven approach to investments, maintenance and containing risk, using forwarding looking asset management for utilities. Download a copy here.

12 August 2019

Forecasting distribution grid flows using smart meter data

We are extremely proud of Jules Truong, who finished his Master Thesis under Utiligize’s and Professor Pierre Pinson’s supervision. He applied machine learning to forecast production and consumption on Evonet’s (now merged into N1) network – from high to low voltage.