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Asset management software
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Flexibility mapper

  • Patent pending AI – driven image recognition to identify cars and forecast EV-penetration
  • Identification of current and future distributed generation, storage, and heating sources
  • Exploit the great potential of smart meter data where there are no online measurements
  • Forecast loading and voltage for every asset
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with GIS, SCADA, and MDM integration

Network planner

  • Create maintenance plans and long-term investment plans based on risk
  • Optimize decisions and reduce cost by 25%
  • SAIFI and SAIDI optimizations
  • Optimize the regulated economy
  • Integration with GIS - and accounting systems

  • Open-source software for regulators and data scientists
  • Condition-based risk assessment for regulatory reporting
  • Generic algorithms for probability of failure, consequences of failure and risk matrices
  • Weibull analysis on failure statistics
  • Train probability of failure models on your own data

Field Connector

  • Mobile application for technicians
  • Visual condition-based question connected to on-premises databases
  • Register asset replacements, repairs, and inspections directly
  • Easy access to instructions and data manuals
  • Integrations with management-, and GIS-systems

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What's New

9 December 2021

TREFOR selects Utiligize’s Asset Life to monitor and predict grid loading

TREFOR chooses Utiligize to help with power system evolution Danish version here (Dansk version her). TREFOR El-net has chosen Utiligize’s software, Asset Life, to provide a complete overview of their current network loading and forecast of future loading considering different green transition scenarios.

18 October 2021

No green transition without controlling losses

At Utiligize, we’ve spent the last couple of years fine-tuning our asset management software to minimise costs for utilities. Losses are a key driver of costs, whether you operate a gas, water, heating or power network.

21 April 2021

New study on the impact of electric vehicles and heat pumps on the grid

The Danish Energy Agency today published our report on how distributed energy resources (DERs) like electric vehicles (EVs), heat pumps and solar panels will impact the distribution grid in Denmark.

23 June 2020

Open Source CNAIM for R

The green transition will require significant investment in utility infrastructure. Many countries have restrictive income caps or fixed tariffs that do not allow for investment to support the electrification of transport, heating and agricultural processes.

6 January 2020

Where, When, and How Much Should We Invest Through the Green Transition

This white paper discusses a data-driven approach to investments, maintenance and containing risk, using forwarding looking asset management for utilities. Download a copy here.

12 August 2019

Forecasting distribution grid flows using smart meter data

We are extremely proud of Jules Truong, who finished his Master Thesis under Utiligize’s and Professor Pierre Pinson’s supervision. He applied machine learning to forecast production and consumption on Evonet’s (now merged into N1) network – from high to low voltage.